The usage of Campus Card

发布时间:2018-05-09 来源:深圳旅游学院

The usage of Campus Card

1. Transactions

When making a payment, first make sure the payment amount is correct, then place your card on the card reader, remove your card after hearing one beep. If you hear two beep, it means either your card does not have enough money to complete this transaction or that your card has been reported for lost/stolen. If it shows "------" after you placed your card on the card reader, it means the transaction is above the transaction limit, and you need to enter your transaction password.

Note: when using your campus card to make a payment, please do not remove your card from the card reader until the beep sound has ended. Removing it too early might cause your card to be locked.

2. Password and Transaction Limit

(1) Transaction limit:

There's a password free transaction limit of 30RMB, any payment greater than this amount, you will be asked to enter your transaction password to complete this transaction.

(2) Transaction password and query password:

The campus card will have two password, a transaction password and a query password. Both are set to be the last six digits of your student number. The query password is used for self-service by phone, website, kiosk as well as when reporting lost or stolen card. The transaction password is used for payment and top-up.

3. Top-up

You can top-up your campus card at any top-up counter with cash or use the self service kiosk to transfer money from your bank card to your campus card. You need to use your transaction password for all electronic top-up. The default bank card you could use for top-up is the one used for tuition payment. If your bank card isn't registered for electronic top-up, you could do so at the service desk by bringing your bank card and personal ID.

4. Balance Check and Transaction Statement

You can check your card balance and transaction statement by using the student portal website, electronic kiosk, the phone service, or visiting the service desk in person with your valid personal ID.